Teacher Mentoring Programme in Further Education


Cognition Learning Group is proud to be working with the Department for Education (DfE), who has been funding a programme of work for mentoring in further education (FE) since 2020 – delivering on the Skills for Jobs white paper commitment to provide effective support to new teachers moving into the sector by continuing to enable access to mentoring. Cognition Learning Group has been awarded the contract to continue delivering this crucial piece of work until March 2025.

From November 2023, we’re offering two blended mentoring training courses:

  1. Mentoring Skills for New Mentors
  2. Advanced Mentoring for Experienced Mentors

We are currently accepting applications for Cohort 4.

Cohort 4 will commence 4 November 2024 through to 7 February 2025. Apply now.

This website is for further education providers to access free and continuous professional development (CPD) resources, training and grant funding to help you embed a mentoring culture within your organisation.

You can access and complete the following on the website: 

If you would like to find out more or if you have any questions on how Cognition Learning Group can support you with mentoring, please contact our dedicated inbox – tmpenquiries@cognitioneducation.com  

Our approach to mentoring in FE

We believe that mentoring (sometimes known as coaching) is a powerful tool that, when nurtured properly within FE settings, encourages a culture of knowledge sharing, of confidence and belonging, of development and growth. It also provides stability, such as staff retention. This viewpoint is supported by existing research and recognised standards such as the National Occupational Standards. 

Cognition Learning Group promotes an approach to mentoring that is separated from management lines and believes that mentoring can be particularly effective for early careers teachers (the mentee) and experienced teachers (the mentors). It’s therefore important to ensure that mentoring is not a line management or performance management tool, and is instead used for mentors and mentees to have a safe space where connections can be formed based on goals and opportunities for success. Mentoring must have an individualised approach, driven by mentee skill gaps or their own career goals. 

Whether you have established mentoring processes within your organisation, or mentoring is completely new to you, our mentoring provisions will support you on your mentoring journey.