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  1. In order to be eligible for the programme, public and private Further Education providers (excluding the exemptions listed below) must hold one of the following approved contracts directly with ESFA*:

    • Apprenticeships (including carry-in, procured non-levy and Apprenticeship Service non levy and levy)
    • 16-19 Programmes (excluding Academy/School Funding)
    • 16-18 Traineeships
    • Adult Education Budget (excluding devolved AEB)
    • 19+ Traineeships
    • National Careers Service
    • European Social Funding
    • Advanced Learner Loans Facility & Bursary
    • Skills Bootcamps Funding

    (*The approved contract must be in place at time of application AND at the start date of your chosen cohort. Eligibility will be checked at these two points in time. Unfortunately, providers may be required to withdraw from the programme if evidence of a valid contract at both dates cannot be found.) We are unable to award places to academies and schools (including school sixth forms). This includes 16-19 academies, studio schools, and free schools.

    Please note that the TMP eligibility criteria is subject to review. Cognition Learning Group and the DfE reserve the right to update and or amend the eligibility criteria at any point.

  2. Will your organisation be intending to submit any applications for ringfenced places? (Ringfenced criteria can be found on the website here) if so, please indicate which criteria(s) apply: